Thursday, 22 March 2012

A mini for my friend Angie.....

Hi All

Here are some pictures of a mini that I made for my friend Angie.  I made it out of white paper bags and the Susan Winget Speciality Botanical Paper.

I used Lauras stack the deck binding and her fold back paper bag.  I love the way its turned out.

I inked all the edges of the paper bags with whispers rio purple ink.  It took forever but looks really good now it's all done.

This is the stack the deck binding and my magic glue.  I love my paper clips as well, they are shiny and silver!

This is one of the pages with all the paper elements applied.

This is the book all put together with the covers put on.  I spray painted tim holtz grungepaper antique gold and then went over it with crafters companion spray and sparkle to seal it.  It looks great as the binding on the album.

This is a completed page.

This is the front almost all done.  It needs something more but I am undecided at what.

These are a couple of the tags I cut myself and hand stamped and inked.  There are 24 tags in all!

I think I am happy with this mini now.  It just needs one more thing on he front of the album and it will be finished.  I just need to figure that one out.

Big Hugz and Much Love

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Long time no blog..............

Hi All

I know I haven't been here in ages but I am back now.  I have had a rubbish time over Christmas and met several new friends in the new year through work.  I lost my mojo for a time but it's back with force.  I am feeling much better in myself and have so much to show you.

Here is my first swap mini of 2012 - a 4" round album with a Spring theme......

I went a bit mad and made my own circles and I had 10 cut before I knew it so I had to use them all.  I made pockets and little fold outs.  You can see the whole album on my profile at If you want details send me a private message.

This next project was an angel mini that I made for someone that has been flaked on.  I answered a distress call on the {scrap} beach.........

This is a TP mini that I made for Linda, that lady that got flaked on, and I made it as an extra just because I wanted to.  I felt a bit mean just making the itsy mini but here it is.............

It truly was a teeny weeny mini album.  I followed a tutorial on youtube called micro mini.  It was fun and quick to make and it only measured 2" by 2".  It looked so cute.

I did a swap with my Australian friend Sallyanne.  We participated in 2 swaps on the {scrap} beach and she made me a fall mini and then we got paired up again for a Christmas swap.  Her mini's are the best and so detailed and she puts her heart and soul into what she makes.  We decided to do a 1 on 1 swap just us two and Sallyanne suggested ATC's.  I haven't made ATC's in a long time so I was all over the project.  We each picked 3 themes then made 6 ATC's using all the 6 themes we picked between us.  I finished the ATC's and wondered how I was going to ship them and decided to make a holder and thought about pockets and thought about Kitchen Paper rolls and didn't have enough so I made my own pockets.  Have a look and see what you think................

This is the box that I created.  It almost got thrown into the bin as I made a few mistakes in putting it together but it worked in the end and seems to be holding together and after the glue dried it was pretty sturdy.  I have BIG BUBBLE WRAP to protect it when shipping. Here is whats inside......

This is the other side of the box and it's open so the holders can be taken in and out.  Here's the holder.......

 These are the ATC holders and there are 6 in all, 1 in each of the pockets.  Here are the ATC's......

This is one of my themes 'anything putple'

This is one of Sallyanne's themes 'favourite saying'

This is my saying - Footprints

This is one of Sallyanne's themes - mixed media

This is Sallyanne's theme - birds

This was my theme - butterflies

This is the last ATC my theme 'I collect.......'

I had s much fun making the tiny masterpieces and it took me a really long time to finish them as well.  I just kept adding and adding to them I had to be really strict with myself and stop before they got too much.

That is what I have been up to these past few weeks.  Hope you like what I have shared with you.

Lots of Love