Wednesday, 17 August 2011

LSH Family Hop

Hi guys

I have found more posts today and my followers have increased some more.  I am so happy that you have all looked at my site.

Because of the new posts I will be giving away some teeny tiny mini's that I have made.

My 4 main prizes go to........pigglet4822, kim.scrapper, classydify and vicki transport!  Well done ladies.  I will put you all back into the bucket and add the new posts and see what comes out.  May I please have addresses so I can mail out your mini's, you can message me on Lil Scrap of Heaven.  I will try and get onto your pages and let you know.

I have had so much fun with this blog hop and I can not wait for the next one.

Big Hugz and Much Love..........

Monday, 15 August 2011

LSH Family Hop

Hiya All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my 4 prizes all ready and will post pictures soon. Don't forget to leave a comment and a contact email.
Big Hugz
Welcome to A Lil Scrap of Heavens first HOP!
We are a large family @ LSH with over 1100 members and growing every day. We want to show you the love, fun, and creativeness we share @ LSH. There are 12 prizes hidden in these blogs from Sponsors such as:
Lindy's Stamp Gang is giving away 8 prizes!I
Am Roses is giving away 2 prizes!
Karlas001 is giving away 2 $25.00 gift certificates!
More prizes given by
& LSH Members! - MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!!!!! I have 4 to give away!!!!!!!!!
Please make sure to follow each blog and comment on each post and subscribe to each youtube channel and comment on youtube video's for your chance to win some amazing prizes.
Lindys' Stamp Gang @
I Am Roses @
Karlas001 @
Now hop on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you get lost here is the list from start to finish!
Vikki Young @
Louise @
Blue Crayons @
Gloria @
Katherine @
Victoria @
Jennifer @
Kimberly @
Kathy @
Shana @
Deanna @
Marie @
Silver @
Shanta @
Felisa @
Becca @
Laura @
Geordie @
Cynthialoowho @
LSH Family Hop continues on youtube, starting @
Tmika @
Laura @
Linda @
Kandi @
Sandi @
Joanne @
Mariam @
Antonia @
Gloria @
Phyness @
Erin @
Thanks for Hopping!
I will select 4 winners from my comments and notify those people on 17th of this month.  Please leave contact email address.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

LSH Family Hop

Hi All

I have survived my night shift and found a good spot for signal.  Here is the picture of my prizes.

There are 3 minis and a matchbox calendar. 
Happy blogging.
Much Love

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

T!m Holtz Swivel Clasp Charms

Hi All

I am home for a few days so thought I should log on and show you some things I have been making.

I finished my Tim Holtz Swivel Clasp Charms for the Britain Theme and sent them off but couldnt upload the picture until now.  Need new dongle!!

These are the three that I created.  I had so much fun and the next lot are to be based on a French Flea Market theme.  I have all of my stuff in one spot so I can start them soon.

I watched a video on youtube a long time ago that Kathryn from the {Scrap} Beach posted titled 'Scrapbook Mini Album: Prima "Pastiche" Paperbag Album '
I was so inspired watching it I just had to give it a go.  I have made paper bag albums before but nothing like this.  I remember thinking at the time I would love for her to make me a custom made album but then life got in the way and there was no way I could afford it.  I re-visited the video and patiently waited for it to upload on my slow broadband dongle!!

I took the paper bags out of my drawer yesterday and started creating.  Kelli, I can't remember if I have mentioned her before, sent me the Mariposa Stack all the way from America and wanted to swap full size albums so I am making it for her using the paper she sent.

I will post pictures later as I have the album put together but not quite finished yet.  I have to say it's looking quite good.

I am almost finished with my give-away albums also and will post pictures soon.  I have had a quiet day busy crafting as I am waiting in for a courier to come and pick up a package.  It is hot and sticky and I want a shower.  Hurry up courier man!

Much Love and Big Hugz