Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Spring Paper Bag Mini for Jamie Morgan

Hi All

I made it to the post office yesterday and posted the last 3 packages that needed to go.  I posted a mini that I made for A Lil Scrap Of Heaven.  It is a spring mini and made for Jamie (lovelymomn3).  I followed a tutorial from Youtube made by charliejones2686.  Hers was a Christmas mini but I just changed the theme and made it flowery.

Here are some pictures....................

These are the charms down the spine.  I used Tim Holtz Grunge Paper for the spine and sprayed it gold then sealed in the gold with a layer of Crafters Companion Spray n Sparkle.

This is the front cover.  Mum made that purple and green flower in the middle of all the paper ones.  She made it out of material and sewed it together.

This is a birds eye view of the mini.  I had fun making it and all the pages are different and have pockets and flip downs and flip ups.  The paper bags were green and blended really well with the paper line that I used which is Susan Winget Speciality paper.  I think it turned out really unique.

This is a page full of tags.  It has turned out sideways, lol.

This is a flip up page.

I hope that everyone is well.

Big Hugz and Much Love

Sunday, 15 April 2012

After dinner Mini's.........

Hi All
I have finished my dinner and now I am officially stuffed.  And a little squiffy because I had a glass of red wine.  Hopefully the pictures and word will make sense.

I joined a swap on the scrap beach called 'itsy mini swap' and you have to make 2 minis, small no smaller than 2 inches and no larger than 4 inches.  I made 2 and here are the pictures.......

This is number 2.........

They were so quick and simple to make.  I am running out of book binding rings now though. I have made myself one but don't have pictures of it yet.  I will get round to it.  It's all purple of course.

The lady that is running the swap is from Ireland and I jumped in to do an angel mini for her last swap.  I also made her a mini and here it is................

I have just done my first Skype.  I have been talking to my Dads cousins and their children in Canada.  I wish I could visit more often but flights are expensive.  It's amazing that you can see someone over 4 thousand miles away.

I made an angel mini for someone in America that got flaked on for the February paper bag mini album swap and I titled it Wings of Love and made a stack the deck fold back paper bag mini for her and sent her a matchbox box as well but I forgot to take a picture of it.  It was a double decker one.

Here is a picture of the mini.............

I had better stop now and pack up the spring mini and the altered paper clip.  I may do a few more paper clips if I can find any more.  I hope that all is well with you and I will return soon with more creations.

Love to All

More project pictures

Hi All

Here are some more photos of things that I have been creating recently.

These are Spring Mini Albums that I made for a swap on My Scraproom.  I had Sonya as a partner but then one swapper vanished so I offered to be an angel and got LaDonna as a partner as well.  Here are pictures of the albums that I made - Sonya's is first.......

I tried to make a nest for the chicks and it just turned out to be a box but I really got creative with the front cover. Here is a look at the inside pages.

This is the back of the front page.  I tried to get as many pockets and tags in as I could as the mini is small.  It had to be less than 5 inches squared for the pages.  the cover was 5x5 and the inside pages are 4x4.

This is the mini I made for LaDonna...........

These are the front and back covers.  I got the bird cages from my friend Kellie in America.  I inked them and stickled them and then covered the backs so they can be used for tags and then I stuck bits all over them.  I made the pockets from acetate and used some stud eyelets to secure the acetate pockets to the pages.

Here is a peek at the inside pages..............

This is sideways but it's one of the pages with a photo mat and a place for a title.  I really hope that girls like their minis.

I joined a swap on Your Paper Pantry and it was a Contained Mini.  I had to make a mini and contain it in some sort of box or cage or purse etc.  I had Tmika for my partner and she lives in America.  she loves shabby chic stuff so I looked at her youtube channel and got an idea of what she wanted.  She didn't like the idea of a paper bag album and wanted chipboard.  Here are some pictures of what I came up with................

Tmika wanted a book to put inspiration in so I titled it Inspiration.  there's flowers and lace and bling on the cover and it continues throughout the book.  Everything is interactive and there's tags galore along with lace and buttons and bling and flowers and charms and dangles and trim.  It's a shabby chic explosion.  Here are some more pages......

It got really big and you can tell from the view of the bottom of the mini.  I had to make some sort of container but it got so big I had to cover an entire shoe box with paper and lace and pretty stuff.  Here is the lid..............

The box was 7 inches by 11 inches and the depth was 5inches.  I had to send it in the biggest packing box I could find and it cost me £22 to send it airmail.  It was so heavy too.  I had a lot of fun making the mini as Shabby Chic isn't really my thing and chipboard albums can be tricky but I think I did pretty well.

Today is Sunday and I was fiddling around with a large clip that I have had for ages.  I saw a video on youtube once and for the life of me I can't find it again but it had an altered clip on it and I just jumped in and made it prettyfull...................

I thought it looked pretty good.  I have made some more things but I will have to stop typing now as dinner is ready.

Love to All