Sunday, 15 April 2012

After dinner Mini's.........

Hi All
I have finished my dinner and now I am officially stuffed.  And a little squiffy because I had a glass of red wine.  Hopefully the pictures and word will make sense.

I joined a swap on the scrap beach called 'itsy mini swap' and you have to make 2 minis, small no smaller than 2 inches and no larger than 4 inches.  I made 2 and here are the pictures.......

This is number 2.........

They were so quick and simple to make.  I am running out of book binding rings now though. I have made myself one but don't have pictures of it yet.  I will get round to it.  It's all purple of course.

The lady that is running the swap is from Ireland and I jumped in to do an angel mini for her last swap.  I also made her a mini and here it is................

I have just done my first Skype.  I have been talking to my Dads cousins and their children in Canada.  I wish I could visit more often but flights are expensive.  It's amazing that you can see someone over 4 thousand miles away.

I made an angel mini for someone in America that got flaked on for the February paper bag mini album swap and I titled it Wings of Love and made a stack the deck fold back paper bag mini for her and sent her a matchbox box as well but I forgot to take a picture of it.  It was a double decker one.

Here is a picture of the mini.............

I had better stop now and pack up the spring mini and the altered paper clip.  I may do a few more paper clips if I can find any more.  I hope that all is well with you and I will return soon with more creations.

Love to All

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