Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Recent Projects

Hi All

I have been busy crafting this week.  I finally got my copy of Nigel Mays A-May-Zing CD, All Kinds Of Everything.  There is so much potential on this CD for mini albums.  I will be having a night of printing out when I get home.

I joined an altered Matchbox swap on Mini Album Scraps.  We had to make it summer themed and either put goodies in both drawers or make a mini for one drawer.  I made a mini for the top and put goodies in the bottom drawer.

My swap partner is Noel Ware.  She didn't fancy a summer theme and wanted Shabby Chic and Vintage.  I used lace and ribbon and bling and flat backed pearls and alot of glue.  This is the top of the creation and the bling on the flap is Prima.

This is the back.  I love this lilac trim.  It has little beads attached to it and looks fabulous.

This is the side and the drawer pull.  The top matchbox openes with a flip lid..............

This is the lid up and the mini out and by the side.  I used a paper line called The London Line and i has all manner of Englishness on it such as double decker buses.  It's a lovely paper line. I really hope that Noel likes it.

On a more sour note, the mini that I made for Debbie Luke made it to her fine and she said that she loved it but unfortunately she FLAKED on me!!!!!!!!!  I am really upset about it but an Angel has made me a mini and it's in the post already.

I made a mini album just as a trial to see if I could do it and this is what I made....................

It is a vertical TP mini only I made my own TP rolls out of the cardstock.  I used the G45 Kraft Reflections paper line and I love it.

This is the back.  I followed a tutorial by Ginger who is mysistersscrapper on youtube.  I made is using her dimensions first then branched out into my own size.  Here's a quick look at the inside............

I will post pictures of the smaller one I made when I have completely finished it.

My fairy jar is flying it's way to Ireland and should arrive with Niamh soon.  All of my other swaps have made it to their destinations and everyone seems happy with them.

I had better get my space cleared up and start on my next project - a baby box to house something special I have made for my friend Emma's baby girl Saffron, who will soon be a year old.  where does the time go?

Love to All

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