Saturday, 26 May 2012

It's Saturday, it's mini time!!!!!!!!

Hiya All
I am so cross - Re-Kill has been pushed back to the end of December now!!!!!!!!!! I have probably grumbled about this before but it deserves fresh airing.  The frustration is unbearable, especially in this heat.  I know!!!!!!! Look at that sun, it's fabulous.

Anyway............. I have finished a couple of mini's that I thought would be worth a share. I finished the Thick and Chunky swap mini for Debbie Luke on My Scrap Room.  Here are a few sneak peeks......

This is the inside of the mini.  I made all the pages myself from cardstock.  Debbie said she liked orange and purple and teddy bears and butterflies so I did it all!

This is the front.  I left the space black for the title as I couldn't think of anything good to title it.

This is a flip up page.  I got the teddy bear stickers from Create and Craft a few years ago and I keep using them on an off, now and again.

I joined an itty bitty shaped mini swap and here is what I made................

These are really small, about 3" by 3" with all the tags sticking out.  I couldn't have a square or rectangle so I went with a triangle.  It's an envelope sealed up and cut into quarters diagonally and 1 side of the triangle folded in to make a smaller pocket and a larger one.  I punched holes in the top of the triangle and added eyelets for security and bound with a single book ring.  I think they turned out quite well.

I also joined a swap on Your Paper Pantry to upcycle a childrens book.  I was the only entrant and I am starting to wonder if there is a new NING site that all the swappers are going to as nobody is entering the swaps.  I will have to investigate further but in the mean time here is the upcycled book.  It was a book about a famous train and now it's a work of art.....................

This is the front cover.  Cari let me have free choice about what I made for her so  did my best with what I had to work with.  I am at work and can only carry so much stuff with me but I loved the way it turned out.

This is one lot of pages.  the book had flip outs so I covered those and wrapped it with a ribbon threader lace and tucked all the tags under them.  I made loads of tags for this album but it looks good.

I think that is all for today.  I have nothing to report other than my miffyness about Re-Kill.  Still, I suppose it's good they are taking their time with the movie and making sure it's perfect before they release it - just wish it didn't take so miffing long.  :)

On a more random note I would just like to say that I am not impressed with this country and it's politicians and I bet to anyone that is reading I don't even have to explain that statement.  I would also like to know if there is any way of being able to not use a bank - they get my grrrrrrrrrrrrs as well.  Sometimes I just feel so small and insignificant and that I have no voice!!

I hope you are all having a good day.
Much Love
Big Hugz

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