Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Hi All
The Sun is out and all is well with the world.  I will be home on Friday and able to begin putting together my TWS Mini for Twyla.  I have everything ready just got to make my front and back covers and make them all pretty.

I am still waiting for my T!m Holtz swivel clasp charms to be deliverd in America.  The Mini for Shelley is taking it's sweet time getting to her also.  I hope that the floods are not having too terrible an impact on American life and I feel for everyone involved. 

The swap box I did for Kelli arrived and so did the YPP Mini I made for Valerie.  I am not worried yet but I am so impatient for my charms and mini to reach their destinations.

I have some exciting news, well, exciting for me......I have joined a TRAVELOGUE group on YPP and I can not wait to get started.  I have planned out what I will be making and can't wait to get home to put it into a journal.  Once I have made my journal or travelogue I will send it to the next person on the list and they will make a 2 page spread for me.  The title of my Travelogue is My Purple Journey.  I will be asking the ladies to create me a 2 page spread out of anything purple, any shade and anything they like.  There may be up to 7 of us in a group and it's like a round robin.  Each month you get a travelogue and do your pages and then send it on to the next person then hopefully in 7 months time you get yours back completed, yay!!

I spent last night making charms and stick pins to give to the ladies in my group as a thank you for being part of my books journey around the world.  They look fabulous and I will be posting pictures soon.

I think that's all the news I have for my crafty blog................

This picture is a wall hanging that I made for someone while I was living-in at De Montfort University as a carer and it was for Katie's Birthday and she lived across the courtyard from me.

Until next time..................

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