Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Crafty Stuff

Hiya All

I am home for the week and I am enjoying myself so much.  I have completed loads of craft projects and got a load posted today and will be posting more tomorrow.

I have made and finished a TP Mini Album.  I made mine from kitchen roll tubes cut in half and decorated with My Mind's Eye Halloween Scary Sparkles Paper.

This is the front of the mini album,  I decided to make a hardback cover and binding all-in-one.  It got a little chunky but then I can never make a slimline mini.

This is the inside of the mini.  Lots of pages.  I used 6 tubes and 5 acrylic tags.  I think it's a beautiful work of art and i hope that Deetle (Dee Little) really likes it.  I have posted it today and hopefully within a week she will have it.

This is my favourite page.  I am not a fan of spiders but this one looks so good on the paper.

I also took part in a Lunchbag Upcycle swap and these are what I created, my theme was fall.

I have posted all but 1 of my blog hop prizes.  I will post the remaining one tomorrow.

I have more to craft and I intend to enjoy every moment.

I hope everyone is OK.  Love you guys.


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