Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hiya All

Hi All
I am home so I can upload all the photos that I have been storing while I have been at work.  I have completed several projects so here we go..........

This is a double decker matchbox with a calendar that can be hooked under the top matchbox.  It is for a friends daughter's birthday.

This is the Fall mini that I made for "A Lil Scrap Of Heaven" swap and my partner was Jamie

This is my "Mini Me An Album" swap for Betsy on YPP.

These are my T!m Holtz Swivel Clasp Charms "Junque Drawer Treasures"

This is the Toilet Paper Mini Album that I made for Deetle for a swap over on My Scraproom.  I used Kitchen Paper rolls cut in half instead of toilet paper ones.

I think that is all I have been "up to" lately.  I have completed my lunchbags for this month but I forgot to take photos of them.  I might have to un-pack them and take some before I send them off.  The ones for last month will be arriving with me soon.  Apparently they had flakers so I will be getting one of my own back.  I don't mind, but grrrrr to flakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love to All.........

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