Thursday, 8 September 2011

Irregular Heartbeat and Craft

Hiya All

I have been putting together some kits for a 2 part kit and mini swap on The {scrap} Beach.  I have put together 7 kits and will be posting 6 off tomorrow.  You then get 5 kits back and have to create and album for you swap partner using the bits in the kits.  Here are some photos of what is in my kits.....

These are the paper and fibre and ribbon and lace elements.

These are all the buttons and charms and embellishments that I have included.

I am so going to enjoy this swap and there is another one like it for Winter/Christmas and I really want to do that as well.  I think I have found another favourite swap.  Irene Cordova is an ace hostess.

On another note I have had an irregular heartbeat all day and it's getting annoying now!

Much Love

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